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My mission is to level the current advertising and marketing playing field through PR led marketing so purpose-led entities can stand toe-to-toe with industry giants.


After working with large clients including marriott and tim hortons, I founded the marketing spirit to house all of my work. little did I know what life had in store...

laura's experience

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purpose revealed

In june of 2011, my family experienced something that changed the course of our lives (and my career) dramatically; my 3 year old son drowned (breathe and remember, this story ends well so you can keep reading.)

He and I were life flighted to a children's hospital where they told my husband and I that they didn't know if our son would, live, die or suffer lifelong issues from a traumatic brain injury (tbi), "only time would tell." after two days waiting and learning more than we ever thought we'd know about drowning and tbi, our son woke and went on to make nothing short of a miraculous recovery! (this is where you breathe again.)

The world had shifted on its axis. We were all permanently changed after this in many ways. in some ways good, some not so good, but all of them made us stronger and more grateful people.

relentless passion & drive

All that energy from our experience had to go somewhere! so, I started a foundation and spent the next decade using my public relations and marketing skills to spread the lifesaving mesasges of cpr, water safety and drowning prevention.


64% of people say they trust earned media more than owned media or content created by the company.

pr and marketing
as a force for good

cpr party became a national brand. as a result, our lifesaving message reached far more people than if I had just posted on our social sites. this coverage provided legitimacy and credibility and as a result, i was asked to speak, sit be on boards and committees.

today, laura is the top expert in the marketing sensitive topics like water safety and drowning prevention.

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